Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CoolCat Teacher

I met the most amazing teacher today in Camilla Georgia. Vicki Davis aka coolcatteacher - is a teacher at Westwood Schools in Camilla Georgia. We also met some great kids who are doing some amazing things on the internet. So I have been inspired to finally get off my rear and begin my own blog so today marks that event for me. It is so refreshing to meet a teacher who 'gets it'. Technology is our friend it can connect us to the rest of the world and that can change peoples lives forever in a positive way.

I am truly looking forward to supporting this cool cat teacher's efforts in making a difference in many young adults lives. And I look forward to seeing the creations of kids who are using the internet to communicate their ideas, feelings and dreams.

My desire is that this becomes infectious and more and more high schools encourage their students to connect with the world and make a difference.

Let's change the world!


  1. Welcome to blog world! :)


  2. By the way, I'll be happy to help my colorblind buddy get a colorful backdrop for his blog. :)

  3. Thank you so much, Marvin for joining the blogosphere!! I'm going to "tweet" your arrival and let's see if you can connect with some really cool people. Blogging is a lot of fun! Thank you so much for finding me. It is interesting that youtube and twitter are ways that you found the work, although our local papers no longer connect all of us down here.

    You live just down the road and I use your internet service but it was youtube that led you to us!! That is just fascinating to me!

  4. Great to have another blogger in the blog-o-sphere. I read Coolcat's tweet which is how I arrived at your blog today. You are very fortunate to have such an awesome role-model. I also believe the best part of teaching in the digital age is seeing what the kids create!

    Mel (New Zealand)
    @Moodlegirl (twitter)

  5. @Mrs Gibb -- Thanks for coming over here and saying hello to my friend, marvin!

  6. Hey, Marvin, welcome to the blog-o-sphere! (I, too, am here via the fabulout Vicki...)

    This is a great place to find the other folks who "get it", and the more of your story and voice you share, the more folks you'll find for whom they resonate.

    in peace,
    @butwait (Twitter)